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Zlatko Šugman, Slovenian theater and film actor
* August 28, 1932, Gorišnica in Ptuj, † December 16, 2008, Ljubljana.

Many people in Gorišnica knew him personally, he was our compatriot. We loved him, his work.
He stood on the theatrical stage already as a child, in the "father's theater", in his village. After high school, he enrolled at the then Academy of Performing Arts in Ljubljana. He was playing theatre roles on scaffolding Prešern Theatre in Kranj, SLG Celje, Slovenian National Theatre in Maribor and Ljubljana City Theatre. He has appeared in several monodramas, TV serials, musical entertainment and youth programs as well as radio plays for children and adults, where he created over two hundred characters. Slovenian fans respected him as a particularly noble comedian, children will remain in memory after the character from the movie "Do not cry, Peter."

International Film Festival for Children and Youth


Tender terms and conditions for participation

1. Under the term of copyright independent film are all those products understood as recorded without any commercial objectives, which does not follow fashion trends, but they are distinguished by original approach.

Conditions for participation

1. open to all films, which arose in Slovenia or elsewhere in elementary or secondary schools, and young filmmakers in video clubs until the age of 18 years. Also professional film studios with children or youth films are invited to join. There is no application.

2 . open to all movies recorded in DVD format (digital recording). Movies can be silent or audible.ed.

3. films must not be older than two years

4. film should not take more than 10 minutes. Professional films do not have a time limit

5. Films will be divided into three categories: documentary, fiction or animated movies. The author seletcs section, but also the jury if it finds that the film is in the other section.

6. Each work must be accompanied by an address and the names of the artists.

7. For judging and screening it is necessary to send movies on DVD. Or ONLINE. Each film must be accompanied by a completed entry!

8. films must be sent to the following address:

Bostjan Rihtar, OŠ Gorišnica, 2277 Gorišnica – for film festival

Contact: rihtarb@gmail.com

Dadline is 5. May 2017

6. Each item must be titled and labelled with the names of authors.

7. Films must be submitted in DVD format for jury rating and presentation (further information available on entry form).
Entry form

9. received films will be reviewed by at least three professional judges

10. each member of the jury will give an award to the best films after his choice and will explain the reasons for his decision

11. organizer will store the films that will be shown at the festival in the archive. The use of such copies will be in an accordance with copyright law and the law on archives.

Filmski festival Zlatka Šugmana - OŠ GORIŠNICA